and welcome to Lionheart Studio!
First and foremost this is a page with some basic info about the studio, how I work and hopefully You will find your way to the contact page after scrolling thru these pages. I mix/work with everything from the darkest metal to the lightest tunes. I find music to be something I can't control. I try to put my feelings and emotions into it, while the tunes are guiding me. 
But also if you have a strong opinion on what you want, please let me know! The way I learn is by hearing new stuff, new perspectives on sound. What you hear may be something completely different from what I hear.

If you have a project please contact me and I will get back to you A.S.A.P 

All the best
Oyvind V Larsen

About Lionheart


Lionheart Studio & Production is a music/sound studio ran by me, Oyvind V. Larsen and is located in Oslo, Norway. I started Lionheart Studio and Production back in 2003. I also work as a assistant engineer at the Norwegian Academy of music. I am also the guitarplayer in Withem (Prog metal band from Norway) and have previously appeared as a television character on the TV-show Heia Tufte (2 seasons) from 2005-2008. The studio that once began back in 2003 as an idealistic little place has since then grown from a preproduction room to a professional studio. Many high profiled musicians and bands in Norway have over the years done their recording/mixing in Lionheart Studio. 

One of my philosophies is that, I will never learn enough when it comes to sound. There is always something new to learn, a new software to check out. And every band I record or mix is a new experience.

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