I mix with a hybrid setup. All editing and recording happens in my Protools 10HD Native rig, Driven by RME Raydat and Ferrofish converters. With my UAD Plugins ++ Then everything is routed thru a Neve 8816 Suming mixer.  
This gives the sound a bit more smooth edge and a more dynamic feel. 
Mixing all in the box is also a great way to go. This way the mixes are always saved and can be fixed or remixed at a later date.
A great article on Hybrid setups..


My mainspeakers are Quested V3110, These are huge speakers that also sound good at lower levels. Also i check balance and mix thru my Dynaudio M1 and sometimes thru my Yamaha NS10. (Looks cool, sound like crap).


My go to preamps for drums are API 3124 for the punchy sound, typically snare, bassdrum and toms. Aphex or Audient preamps for cymbals and overheads. My go to vocal strip is a Blue Blueberry thru my Universal Audio LA610. BUT, there is so many options here. And what is great on one voice doesn't have to be great on another. So many options.. Don't get lost ! Let's record !!